FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

LED Lighting Basics

Q. What is a LED light?


Q. What types of LED lights are available?


Q. Are LED lights dimmable?


Q. What to look for in an LED light?


Q. What types of light sockets are in use?


Q. What's inside an LED light?


LED Products Compared to Incandescents and CFL

Q. What makes a good incandescent/halogen replacement?


Q. LED warm-up times compared to CFL and Halogen.


Q. The Pros and Cons of LED lighting?


LED Consumer Information

Q. Calculating LED lighting's return on investment?


Q. Will LED lights be cheaper to run?


Q. What standards apply to LED lighting products?


Q. LED Compatibility across Electronic Transformers


Q. What transformers should I use for MR16 LED lamps: Magnetic or Electronic?


Q. What is the life expectancy of LEDs?


Q. LED Dimming Options: What are the alternatives to legacy phase-cut dimmers?


Q. LED Wattage Claims


Q. Efficacy: The Relationship between Light Output and Wattage


LEDBenchmark Measurements and Testing

Q. How do we test LED lights?


Q. How is color temperature calculated?


Q. LEDs and Color Rendering Index


Q. Color shift and stability of LED lights


Q. What is the significance of an LED light's power factor?


Q. How do we measure flicker?


Q. What is a light's beam angle?


Q. How accurate are our systems of measurement?


Q. How does the star rating system work on the site.


Q. Can I send you LED lights for testing?


Others Questions

Q. Do LED lights cause radio interference?


Q. Other sources of LED measurement data