FAQ - Other sources of LED measurement data

Besides the information available on our web site, these sites also have some useful LED measurement data.


The Australian Energy Rating Program's LED Lighting Product Profile
The document, released in August 2015, provides an overview of the current state of LED technologies, including current and projected markets for sales in Australia and New Zealand. Discusses issues such as efficiency, equivalency claims, and other metrics for light quality. Also summarises the standards and regulations relevant to LED lighting in Australia, New Zealand and abroad. Several possible policy directions are discussed to encourage consumer adoption and enforce LED quality control.


US Department of Energy (DoE) LED testing site
Has a reasonable search function and covers a large number of lights. Doesn't cover any Australian (240V) lights however. Data also tends to several months out of date as the approval process seemingly has a 3 month backlog.


Report on Testing of Clear LED lamps v5.5 [PDF]
A test report prepared for the European Commission and the Consultation Forum on the performance of clear LED lamps in the European Market in the third quarter of 2014. Prepared by the Swedish Energy Agency, Belgian Federal Ministry for Health & European council for an energy-efficient economy. Has a special focus on filiment like LED lamps.


Private individuals

Strawb's Excel database of LED lights on Whirlpool forms
An Excel spreadsheet with data from about 40 LED lights, collected over the period of a year. Has a focus on analysing the performance of mid range MR16 and GU10 down lights, typically purchased from Ebay, to try and find the best value light from various sources.


Ratsacker's Excel database of LED lights on Whirlpool forms
An Excel spreadsheet with data from about 50 LED lights. Similar to the spreadsheet from Strawb, it covers measurements from a range of downlights along with some photos of the lights in use.


Michael's flicker measurements (Swedish language)
Flicker measurements on LED car tail lights and other LED lights. "Many people complain they can see the flicker and that they are very bad in trafic. Some people get headache and vision problems driving behind stroboscopic tail lights".


Private organisations

Lighting council of Australia and their SSL Quality scheme
Contains information like wattage, Flux, Efficacy, CCT & CRI for some lights. Data is self-submitted by manufacturers however and appears somewhat dated and incomplete.


ENERGY STAR Certified Light Bulb finder
U.S. ENERGY STAR® searchable data base for certified 120V CFL and LED light bulbs.


Lightseeker web site
Online lighting directory of lights (LED and traditional) available in the Australian market. While the site doesn't do independent testing nor list pricing, it provides a way to sort through the large number of available lights on the market based on various filters.


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